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Sicma–magazzini-automatic warehousing-shuttle with reels on board
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Automatic Warehouses

Sicma has developed different technologies to manage the storage of products in the Mills based on each specific requirement, with particular reference to: paper rolls, printing cylinders, pallets.

Depending on the kind of product and the type of loading unit to be stored, Sicma proposes the suitable handling system: slat, rollers or chain conveyors, travelling shuttles, cranes.

The automatic storage in the rack can be done through stacker cranes or over-head cranes.

These systems are supplied with all the complementary devices on board, which are fully engineered by Sicma and included in the whole equipment also if not directly manufactured. All storage can therefore be supplied complete with the standard steel rack, fire prevention and smoke disposal system, temperature control system and conditioning.

Sicma provides the supply of the storages complete with all control systems and management by means of Personal Computer: this system is designed with the specific functions to check all equipment, manage the storage, track the product and show the eventual installation anomalies.