Sicma–Avvolgifili-Wire winder bach
Sicma–Avvolgifili-Wire winder
Sicma–avvolgifili-conveyors and wire winder
Sicma–Avvolgifili-unit wire winder + dewering devices
Sicma–Avvolgifili particolare
Sicma–avvolgifili-wire coils

Wire Winder

Sicma produces two different types of machinery to allow easy disposal of the steel wires removed from the unit and from the single bales: the traditional Wire Winder for single bale steel wires, (more than 250 references,) is characterized by its small size and simple installation that only requires a simple connection to the electrical supply for a power consumption of 4 kW and to the pneumatic supply for an operating pressure of 2 bar; and the Wire Winder for unit, that is recommended for the harder and longer steel wires taken  from the unit (two stacks of 3-4 bales).