Sicma–movimentazione stoccaggio rotoli PM-jumbo roll_01
Sicma–jumbo roll 03
Sicma–jumbo roll 08
Sicma–movimentazione jumbo roll_10
Sicma–movimentazione stoccaggio rotoli PM-jumbo roll_on board_02
Sicma–jumbo roll 05
Sicma–jumbo roll 06
Sicma–jumbo roll 10
Sicma–jumbo roll 02
Sicma–movimentazione stoccaggio rotoli PM-jumbo roll_reel on board
Sicma–movimentazione jumbo roll-automatic unloading

Handling and storage systems for PM rolls (Jumbo Rolls)

Sicma designs and manufactures automatic handling and storage systems for the PM Rolls (Jumbo Rolls).

A typical application includes the supply of trucks moving on rails which are loaded / unloaded either manually or automatically at various site locations (PM output, transfer to Coaters, Calenders, Winders).

The storage systems can also be manual or fully automated, including if necessary the unwinding system of the reject rolls to the PM pulper.

Sicma can provide references for systems able to automatically store and handle PM rolls with spool up to 145 tons/each.