Sicma–movimentazione pali espansibili clamping head
Sicma–movimentazione pali espansibili – shaft insertion inside core
Sicma–estrazione pali-with spool on board
Sicma–estrazione spool anime cartone-conveyor and external damper
Sicma–estrazione spool-movimentazione anime cartone
Sicma–estrazione spool-anime cartone_03
Sicma–estrazione spool-movimentazione anime-cradles during reel separation
Sicma–estrazione spool-movimentazione anime_05
Sicma–estrazione spool-movimentazione anime_06
Sicma–estrazione pali_02

Expansible shafts and board cores handling systems

Sicma supplies for the specific requirements of the Tissue Paper production Mills all equipment for air inflation/deflation and extraction of the expansible shaft from the paper rolls coming out from the Tissue Paper Machine. Solutions including cantilever or chains type shaft puller are available.

The production line can be completed with the eventual supply of lifting/lowering tables to automate the download from the Tissue Machine, the roll separation and the automatic insertion of the board cores on the empty shaft.