Sicma–pallet – during rotation
Sicma–pallet – stacker
Sicma–pallet – pushing second emptuy pallet
Sicma–pallet – rolls on pallet handling
Sicma–pallet – orthogonal pusher
Sicma–pallet – drive side
Sicma–movimentazione pallet-wrapping cicle
Sicma–movimentazione pallet-during strapping
Sicma–movimentazione pallet-shuttle during pallet loading
Sicma–movimentazione pallet-air press
Sicma–pallet – air press and conveyors

Pallet handling systems

Sicma can deliver specific solutions for pallet handling and wrapping based on particular customer’s requirements.

The traditional lines include the roller or slat conveyors and are completed by all special equipment and devices able to fulfill the customer’s needs: Paper Mills, Converting Plants and Companies who use pallets to transport paper materials. These are generally centering devices, pushers, film wrapping lines, strapping machines, de-palletizing systems and robots.