Sicma–movimentazione rotoli-front of lowerator
Sicma–movimentazione rotoli-tunnel view
Sicma-movimentazione rotoli-machine view reel in arrival
Sicma–rotoli_04 unlosding cradle ejection at floor level
Sicma–movimentazione rotoli_01
Sicma–Movimentazione rotoli-ink-jet-printer
Sicma–rotoli_03 rapping loading – tworeels on board
Sicma–movimentazione rotoli-ejection and damping from conveyor to conveyor
Sicma–movimentazione rotoli_04
Sicma–movimentazione rotoli-ramp loading from floor level
Sicma–movimentazione rotoli-inclined ramp with reels on board
Sicma–movimentazione rotoli-Fix stop and motorized shuttle for tissue
Sicma–rotoli reel loading wrapper and up-ending
Sicma–movimentazione rotoli-pvc turning conveyor reel on board
Sicma–movimentazione rotoli-with reel on board
Sicma–rotoli plant view with reels on board
Sicma–rotoli during rotation
Sicma–movimentazione rotoli_03
Sicma–movimentazione rotoli-view during rotation
Sicma–movimentazione rotoli_02

Paper rolls handling

Sicma can develop all different solutions for handling and managing systems of the rolls  in the Paper Industry, designing tailor made systems based on the particular requirements of the Mill and the production areas, from the Winders downloading to the Wrapping machines loading and downloading, the conveyors line to the Sheet Cutters, Converting areas and Warehouse for the intermediate or finished product.

All systems are designed to provide a solution to all process needs, such as labels printing and application, bar code reading, ink jet marking, strapping systems, weighing devices and handling between different building floor levels.