Sicma–Taglio e movimentazione anime di cartone 03 general view during cutting
Sicma–Taglio e movimentazione anime cartone – aspiration detail 02
Sicma–core cutter_01
Sicma–Taglio e movimentazione anime cartone 01
Sicma–cores cutter_02
Sicma–cores cutter-dispencer for mother core
Sicma–cores cutter-unloading bar conveyor
Sicma–cores cutter-rotation
Sicma–taglio e movimentazione anime cartone-robot for core handling
Sicma–taglio e movimentazione anime cartone-pvc conveyor and ejector

Handling and cutting of the board cores

Sicma manufactures semi-automatic and automatic systems to handle and cut the board cores.

The equipment is designed in order to fit with the specific customer needs and board cores sizes and comes with a complete automation system.

The solutions include the whole range of systems typically necessary in the Paper Mills to deliver the board cores to the Winders or to receive them from the Sheeters.