Sicma–Spaccarotoli-roll splitter conveyor and up-ender in workshop
Sicma–Spaccarotoli-reel splitter on slat conveyor
Sicma–Spaccarotoli-roll splitter on slat conveyor
Sicma–Spaccarotoli-reel splitter cutting
Sicma–Spaccarotoli-reel cutting line
Sicma–Spaccarotili-general view cutting line_02

Roll splitting lines

Sicma can propose various solutions to handle and split the rejected paper rolls which have to be resent to the pulper. The versatility of these systems is an important feature and these can be supplied with feeding lines that have PVC belt conveyors or with slat conveyors.

These can be floor level or above the floor level installations. All solutions can be customized, from the simple stand-alone roll splitter, adding when necessary the feeding conveyors, shuttles to transport the rolls and lifting cradle.